I have moved my blog using the instructions How to Move from blogger to wordpress with permanent 301 redirection provided by Aaslin Sathrak on

In outline, I created a special template page on that redirects to a special WordPress page. This page interprets the redirected URL and finds the reference to the original blogger page permalink that was stored in the page metadata when I exported my blogger pages to WordPress. This is used to look-up the wordpress permalink for the relocated page and then WordPress is asked to issue an HTTP 301 Moved Permanently reponse that tells Google and others that the original blogger URL has now moved to WordPress. If all works well, I’ll be changing the title of this blog to Fresh and Crispy in a week or so. In the meantime, please let me know if you find any broken links.

  • Anonymous

    link worked seamlessly for me Chris. I thought I was going to fresh and crispy and ended up here straight away ;)

    • Chris Jobling

      Great: a tribute to the Intenet as a universal learning resource and the hidden wonders of HTTP!

  • Eva Birger


    a heartly welcome to wordpress, your transition went well. I enjoy wordpress blogging system very much, I created wordpress blogs for my students instead of using an LMS. Enjoy your new habitat.

    • Chris Jobling

      Hi Eva, I’m sure that I will!

  • Guillaume Janssen

    My intention is also to move to WordPress eventually. I thought the “Import” function in the WordPress dashboard would do the trick, but obviously there is more to it. Thanks for providing the link and technical background to your move.

    • Chris Jobling

      The issue is with setting up a proper redirect. Your old site should really issue a 301 Moved Permanently response to any request giving the link to the new location.

      Blogger can be set to redirect to the new WordPress blog at the URL level, but not using a 301 response. Also, because Blogger and WordPress use different permalink structures, the redirect is likely to go to the home page rather than the relocated post.

      Luckily, WordPress does store the original Blogger permalink in the meta data of each page on import, and the solution that I found lets WordPress itself issue the 301 response getting over blogger’s lack of proper support.

      Incidentally, most bloggers seem concerned to make the move in such a way to avoid Google’s page rank algorithm penalizing the relocated blog for being an apparent copy of another site. That’s exactly what 301 moved permanently is for and the idea is that eventually, all links, even old ones, will eventually find the new location.

      I had another issue with using disqus for my comment handling. It had to be redirected too.

      • Guillaume Janssen

        OK Chris. In my head, I have anticipated future redirection issues by buying the domain name straight away through blogger while staying with the platform for the moment. I imagine that a future move to WordPress will therefore have no incidence on posts urls and permalink structures. Is that a correct assumption?

        • Chris Jobling

          They should move OK, if you follow the method that I followed, yes.