The Trouble with Apps

Here’s the thing. You take your tablet PC to lunch with the intention of reading the latest on the RSS feeds. You open your news reader, you like an article, you want to share. One option is twitter. You try it, but the embedded web browser doesn’t know your twitter password. You open the article in the browser, and it doesn’t either. The app that does, the official twitter app, is not available as an option for tweeting.

Compare this with the experience on a web browser. It remembers your twitter login details because there’s a cookie set. Sharing a link from Google Reader is simply a matter of pressing “tweet this”. Bang, it’s gone.

Am I the only one who thinks that having multiple, separate web browsers, each with their own cookie stores (the App Model) as opposed to the single ubiquitous web browser with a single shared cookie store and unlimited available apps, is a retrograde step?

Reminds me of the nightmare of cut-and-paste between applications on MS-DOS!

Why can’t tablet PCs do this? Is Google Chrome OS (apparently just a browser as operating system) better?

  • gbswales

    one solution I have, though never used for this purpose, is logmein – the secure password remembering service. I have always preferred this to allowing browsers to remember passwords.  Their apps have an integrated browser so I am guessing that if you find a way to read your newsfeeds in a browser like this it would work.  However for any sensible number of logins, roboform is not free though their Everywhere option  is a modest annual charge.

    Most apps that share, at least on my android, allow you to set up the user id and password for the networks it can share with so it is only a one step process for each new app.

    I have made several attempts to love Chrome and each time found it awkward to use – then I have a dislike of interfaces that hide everything to give an uncluttered appearance since I find having to look for things more of a pain than having them displayed in the first place.  I groaned a little yesterday at the way Blackboard is planning to hide stuff behind mousovers which are one of my pet hates!

    • Chris Jobling

       This doesn’t really solve the problem though does it? If every app has it’s own web browser, every app would still have to have access to the third party password app.