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Inbox Zero

It’s been a while but I’m sort of back in harness after my vacation (even if actually at home in my pyjamas). One of the issues that always occurs after a period away is dealing with the email after a period away. To this end, this video by Merlin Mann of 43folders may help. It provides some useful tips about how to deal with after-vacation email as well as the ongoing problem of dealing with email on a daily basis. It comes down to a simple strategy for processing email: empty the email inbox every time that you visit it. You do this by some variation of a processing procedure that does one of these five things with each message:

  • delete (or archive)

  • delegate

  • respond

  • defer

  • do

Watch the video for more detail and for the interesting discussion (with Google knowledge workers) and be inspired!

Trialling Enso

I am grateful to Dion Almaer for pointing me to a new add on for Windows called Enso Launcher which allows you to launch applications right from the keyboard. For example you just hold the Caps Lock key and type Op[tab]Ex release caps lock to open explorer. Not quite as quick as [windows]+E but not far off!. It also does stuff like spell checking any text anywhere. It also has the function I use a lot: changing upper case text to lower case text in any program or text field in programs other than Word! Cost is $20 dollars and I can see myself paying that when the 30 day trial is over.

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