Hopes and fears for the future

Last night was LTHE 177 The future of effective assessment: more than just a paperless prospect? With guest hosts Professor Sally Brown (@ProfSallyBrown) and Steffan Skovfoged (@Unisteff). It was an interesting chat and I’ve recorded the questions and my contributions in my Journal: LTHEChat 177.

My response to the last question left me in a sombre mood:

LTHEchat 177: A6

How do you feel?

Resurrection Day

Over the last couple of years, I’ve found it really difficult to contribute to my blog. What energy I have has gone into maintaining my TiddlyWiki Journal. However, with the extra time (?) allowed by the Corona Virus lockdown, I’ll try to do a little more here.

I’ll be starting slow, perhaps the odd tweet and link to my journal page, but hopefully, I’ll establish a rhythm and move to longer and more interesting posts.

Today I was mostly home working on course preparation (Journal Entry for April 1) and joining in LTHChat 173.

Hopefully, there’ll be more tomorrow.


Virtual Coffee Mornings — Let’s hope it becomes a thing!


Following on from our very special week long #LTHEchat https://lthechat.com/2020/03/11/covid19-special-edition/

we are keen to continue the support, especially with many of us now working at home alone new issue are likely to arise.

Social distancing’ doesn’t mean ‘social isolation!’

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is virtual-coffee-5.jpg

So as a community lets continue to each other as we all work to continue to support our students!

In addition to the weekly Wednesday evening 8-9pm (GMT) chats please remember that during the week you can continue to add to previous conversations, adding to or answering any of the questions posed.

So please feel free to post a question or invite a colleague for a #virtualcoffee!

Kindest regards and warmest wishes

Dawne and Nathalie

and thank you to @simonrae for the adorable images!

#virtualcoffee and #LTHEchat

Also thank you to all of our special guest hosts!

Professor Sally Brown, Dr Vicki Dale, Professor Martin Weller, Dr Laura Gibbs, Simon…

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My co-presenters Sue Beckingham, Neil Withnell, Chris Rowell and Deb Baff at last year’s SocMedHE16If the twitter hashtag (#SocMedHe17) I followed today was anything to go by, the 3rd Annual Social Media in Higher Education conference, held today at Sheffield Hallam University, was a great success.

I made a twitter moment and a Storify story (plus archive) of the event, but from my remote vantage point, the highlights were:

I went last year and I hope to go next year. I just need something to present!

Extra: Scott Turner made a TAGS database of #SocMedHE17.

Archiving Tweetchats – Experiment 1

If you take a TAGS file (I used this one: BYOD4L 2016-2017 (@cpjobling)) and sort it in time order, you can then copy column Q (status_url) and paste the data into the HTML view of a WordPress page or Post to get a similar archive to that which @Storify produces.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a limit (on hosted WordPress at least) and only the first N tweets are shown (where N is to be determined). If there are more than N, only the links are shown. Also, retweets will need to be romoved from the data because they are not shown correctly.

(There is a bug in TAGS, the HTTPS protocol has to be used for WordPress to embed a tweet, but Martin records HTTP in the status URLs … A simple fix.)