UMLet – Another Free UML Tool

Martin Fowler mentioned UMLet in his recent article on UmlSketchingTools which I blogged about earlier this week. A paper in which the authors (Auer et al, 2003) describe the ideas behind UMLet is very insightful and pretty much echoes my own experiences of over-blown UML tools in the teaching domain (and I’ve tried ArgoUML, Poseidon CE, Together and Rational Rose with variable — but mostly limited — success over the last three or four years).

I have to say that, although it currently only supports class, object and use-case diagrams, UMLet looks very promising and may well prove to be a winner in next year’s Software Engineering courses. Better yet, UMLet can be used as an Eclipse plugin!


M. Auer, T. Schurtschenthaler, and S. Biffl (Vienna University of Technology), 2003.
“[A Flyweight UML Modelling Tool for Software Development in Heterogeneous Environments”](, *29th Euromicro Conference (EUROMICRO’03)*, Sept. 01–06. Balek-Antayla, Turkey. Conference Proceedings Published by IEEE.

Author: cpjobling

Senior lecturer, College of Engineering, Swansea University

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