Today was an open day at UWS. Every department and school was expected to lay something on for potential students. Every admissions tutor (who usually gets lumbered with this sort of thing) is expected to take time off to be pleasant and show the little kiddies around. Except that all the labs that I would have shown were locked because no one had told the technicians that they should be opened! I’m afraid that I blew a gasket and got out of there. So if there was a tour of EEE and ICCT facilities, I didn’t give it. I feel quite guilty about letting folks down … but I’m also angry that here’s yet another example to support my growing perception of the decline of Electrical Engineering at Swansea and my need to get out of here!

Furthermore, the Exchange web server is down so I can’t read my email from home. Given that my connection to exchange via Outlook at work is also next to useless, I’m incommunicado for a while!

PyDev installation

I am following Ron Smith’s 15 June 2004 article Python development with Eclipse and Ant from IBM developerWorks. The first step is to install the PyDev plugin which is available at Eclipse update site

First problem is that when I try to call the python interpreter to run the test I get a launch error. Don’t know if this is an Eclipse, PyDev or Python problem. Launch configuration seems ok! I checked the pydev user forum and this is a known problem and we await a fix.

Eclispe 3 Installed

I have just downloaded and installed Eclipse 3.0. For safety’s sake I backed up my old workspace and deleted the .metadata folder. I also unzipped Eclipse into a clean directory. On startup, Eclipse now asks for a default workspace. This feature should make installation much easier on the School network, cause we can leave it to the students.