Plan for Next Few Days

Over the next day or so I plan to work my way though Thomas Risberg’s tutorial Developing a Spring Framework MVC Application Step-by-Step. Read in conjunction with Rod Johnson’s new book, which I skimmed this morning, I should be up to speed with Spring in time to decide if it will work with my module EG-M42: Client-Server Programming with Java. If all goes well, I plan to have a look at Spring IDE for Eclipse and Spring Live before starting my own case-study project which will either be a reimplementation of the* World of Zuul* from Objects First with Java or George Reese’s bank account example from Database Programming with JDBC and Java.

UWS Moving Towards a CMS

At at meeting of the web strategy group various options of CMS were discussed. University is pursuing a tender from each of the following:

Also mentioned wais an open source alternative OpenCMS which runs in a Tomcat+MySQL context. We hope to have a demo of the OpenCMS system in LIS later this week.

In related news I installed Tomcat on eehope (my new SuSE 9.1 Server). Installation was via YaST and very smooth. It took some time to discover the right settings for the server (see Webserver Log Entry for Today) but now have a running demoserver at