10 Tips for Teachers

I have quietly admired Kathy Sierra’s approach to teaching for some time now and own all the Head First books (including the 2nd Edition of Head First Java). Kathy and her colleagues launched a Web Log Creating Passionate Users in December of last year. Today’s article Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers might be a good lauch point for me to learn about and apply some of these ideas in my own teaching. It’s all rather opportune as I’m just starting out on a new course called “Web Applications Technology” and the first lecture (old style) is already written.

Currently Reading …

I have played with Maven on and off for a while but as documentation is a bit patchy, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the “Maven Book” by Vincent Massol and Tim O’Brien’s (Maven: A Developer’s Notebook, O’Reilly, 2005) since it was announced some time ago. It’s been on pre-order at Amazon.co.uk for months but it finally arrived yesterday. I worked through chapter 1 in about two hours. Chapter 3 looks particularly interesting. The books comes with some interesting extras such as


p>If you’re intrigued, there’s a copy of Chapter 1: Maven Jump Start online. My only concern is how much of the book will still be valid when Maven 2 finally gets out of beta.