New Domain

I have just registered for the domain via the free version of Google Apps. I’ve got a new web site up and running but it’s a bit sparse. However at only $10 for nominet site registration and free web, application, email and collaboration hosting (within limits) it’s a snip!

JRuby nearing 1.0

Three items of note from Charles Nutter’s ‘blog:
1. [JRuby 0.9.8]( has been released with 98% support for Ruby on Rails. The road to a 1.0 release seems well signposted.

3. Netbeans support for Ruby and JRuby is “[even better than expected](” (see the [demos]( on Roman Strobl’s blog)

5. [Ruby on Grails]( – Charles has analyzed the contents of the grails project and concludes that it could easily be fronted by JRuby rather than Groovy. Grails developer Graeme Rocher [agrees]( I would comment that that’s the beauty of dynamic languages: it leverages your investment in libraries and APIs!

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