The Blackboard Quest

The [Swansea Learning Lab]( had planned that tomorrow there would be a “lunch and learn” [E-Learning Showcase]( at which I was going to present the “Blackboard Quest”. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, this session has been postponed. However, as I already had the slides ready, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and share what I was going to say anyway and test-drive a nifty new Web 2.0 feature at [](, that allows the on-line creation of a narrated slide show (or *slidecast*) to be created. I uploaded my presentation slides and synched it to an MP3 commentary and [here it is]( If you’re at Swansea, and you want to find out more, some additional material has been made available in the [blackboard quest community]( in [Oremi](


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Author: cpjobling

Senior lecturer, College of Engineering, Swansea University

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