Blog Networks on Facebook.

Today, I discovered Blog Networks after reading Sarah Parez’s posting “Blog Networks like MyBlogLog for Facebook” on ReadWriteWeb. Blog Networks is a new Facebook application that allows you to embed your favourite blogs (including your own) into your Facebook profile so that your friends can read and rate your thoughts and the thoughts of others that you value. An interesting feature is that the easiest way to claim ownership of your own blog is to get your friends to verify that you own it which is both a social and viral way of getting the word out.

The picture illustrates my set up with ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Technology in Teaching, Lifehacker and of course Fresh and Crispy. Blog Feeds comes with a set of popular widely read blogs to choose from and you can easily add your own or other people’s. Presumably, friends see and can comment on the latest articles in your minifeed. If nothing else, it’s be a useful way to share RSS feeds without mentioning RSS!

Google I/O Day

Last month Google hosted the first of its Google I/O conferences in San Francisco. I’d like to report that I was there, but I wasn’t (although I did watch the keynote the day after it was given). The video recordings of the speakers (hosted on YouTube) and their slides (mostly shared on Google Docs) that have been on-line for a few weeks now. With term finally over, I can become a virtual conference delegate and today was my first chance to catch up with some of the more interesting talks. If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll note that I watched/will be watching:

There are lots more talks to view and lessons to be learnt, and it’d be great if more big companies and conference organizers did this sort of thing.

Wordle Tag Art

Following on from Chris Hall’s discovery of Wordle, here’s the Wordle-art tag cloud for my bookmarks. Interestingly this indicates that I’m a typical geek (look at the size of the programming and development tags). Interestingly my courses EG-259 and EG-146 (both on Web Development) feature largely. I’m also apparently keen on the Web and self-improving tutorials! Of course these are only my public tags!

Bike Ride: NCR 43 Swansea to Pontardawe

[![]( Took a trip up [National Cycle Route 43 ]( Swansea to Pontardawe and back. It was a very windy day and the last 3 miles along Swansea bay was into the wind and a bit of a killer. In other news, my wife Renate got a puncture and had to push her bike home from the Liberty Stadium while I went on ahead to cook the dinner. Puncture repair kit will be next on my shopping list (some would probably say it should have been first).
Pictured (left) is one of the 1000 way-posts that The Royal Bank of Scotland have sponsored on the national cycle network. This [![]( is about 100 m from the Pontardawe Inn which is also pictured.

Good vibrations

After today’s *lunch and learn* session on [Web2.0 at the Chalkface](, Paul Latreille inspired me to have another look at [Netvibes]( I’ve been playing with it on and off since I got home this evening and I’ve launched another version of [my life online]( as a Netvibes public page. See []( for more. Come on over and be my friend.


My new public “stalk me” page on Netvibes

Not sure which of T[umblr](, [Friendfeed ]( [Netvibes ]( I prefer. But I guess the real question is *which do you* prefer? Perhaps you could leave me a comment to let me know.

Sunday Ride

My wife and I took our new bikes along National Cycle Path number 4 from Brynmill to the Mumbles (Verdi’s) then back to Blackpill and up the Clyne Valley to the Railway Inn. A pint of Three Cliffs Gold then back to the Bay Cycle path and home. Comfortable ride, but it is flat! Gorgeous weather today: hope it stays that way.