The snow finally arrived in Swansea but brought with it the usual British “severe weather” madness. I received a Twitter tweet from a colleague that said that the University was closed and because I couldn’t believe it: I walked out into the pleasant wintry day to see if it was true. And it was! The entire staff was sent home at around 9.00 am. Students flooding in from Brynmill were turned away from lectures and were able to build snowmen and have snowball fights instead. This evening’s cinema performance at Taliesin was even cancelled. In terms of lost man hours, catering receipts and returned cinema tickets the University must have lost a fortune! And all those lost lectures will have to made up some how.

The irony was I could and did make it into work without problems! And so did many of my colleagues and students. If you want to know why Britain is going down the toilet, you need look no further than to how the nation reacts to a bit of snow!

At least, as we were told by the personnel manager later today, we won’t be docked a day’s wages!

Stop Press: The sun came out at 13.00 and already most of the productivity-stopping snow has already melted!

Author: cpjobling

Senior lecturer, College of Engineering, Swansea University

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