Friendfeed groups – a social network for PLENK2010?

In response to George Siemens’ Week 4 discussion topic “Is it the topic or the period in the course?“, Vahid Masrour said

“I have a suggestion… posted in my blog [Where is MOOC’s social network?”], but in a nutshell, i think the MOOC should provide better+easier means to ‘cluster’ for the participants. A Facebook-like profile if you will.”

In one of the comments to Vahid’s post, Rita Kop said:

“We were hoping you as participants would come up with these groups/ connections. Please start these initiatives and get people involved. In a conenctivist [sic] learning event we can all manage, organise and develop structures.”

I saw that as a challenge, and thinking that Friendfeed might be the scaffold on which to build such an ad hoc social network — other possibilities, e.g. Ning or Elgg costing money or hosting to set up — I went ahead and created a public group. The URL is come on over and see what you think.

This is cross posted from the reply “[friendfeed as missing PLENK2010 social network?](” which is part of  the Week 2 discussion: [Scaffolds and helpful hints for [PLENK2010] course started by Susan O’Grady]

PLENK2010 – It’s a Marathon not a Sprint!

Losing Contact!

The faciltators said we couldn’t possibly read everything, but I feel like I’ve not read anything from Weeks 4 and 5. As you can see there’s a huge amount of discussion going on in the Week 4 forum and it’s already building up in Week 5 which has just started. And that’s not even counting the twitter feed and The Daily. I feel like a marathon runner who went too fast for the first 3rd and is not going to make the 13 mile marker.

Part of the problem is the encroachment of my real job … but still, I need some encouragement here.