my bookmarks 12/22/2011

Definitive reference to the JavaScript language. Bookmark so you have somewhere to lookup the properties and methods of the JavaScript objects you are working with. Part of the Mozilla Developer Network, which is a useful resource in itself. The “learning” resources are worth a look.

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my bookmarks 12/21/2011

A site which tests and reports your browser’s support for new and forthcoming Html5, Css3 and JavaScript APIs and presenting the results in a simple grid. Where a feature is missing, links to a fallback resource.

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HTML5 Forms Readiness Chart · Wufoo

Nice test page for HTML5 form support. Includes browser charts and fallback (graceful degredation) resources in JavaScript and using widget libraries.

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html5shiv – HTML5 IE enabling script – Google Project Hosting

“Public repo for the latest HTML5 JavaScript shim for IE to recognise and style the HTML5 elements. ” Small picce of JavavScript that assigns new HTML5 elements to DOM for older IE browsers. Allows them to be displayed and styled.

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my bookmarks 12/16/2011

Wow! You have got to try Doceri Remote for the iPad and Doceri Desktop for the PC/Mac. This app has one feature that I have not found on any other desktop remote. It allows you to annotate on anything. Basically, your iPad, PC/Mac and Projector becomes your digital smart board. There is no need to pay for expensive and bulky smart board systems. Nor any of the wireless pen based whiteboards. Doceri is all you need. Doceri gives you the freedom to teach from anywhere in the classroom. You can annotate, open and close programs, surf the web, play flash video, control and annotate on your power points wirelessly from your iPad. It even allows you to record your annotations and play them back. For more information please visit Doceri.

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my bookmarks 12/15/2011

An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. As heard on The Changelog

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my bookmarks 12/10/2011

Thought provoking blog post from David White. Some interesting ideas that have come out of interviews related to his Digital Residents and Natives and Open Edducational Resources research, viz the “emergency collaboration” 24 hours from coursework submission (I’m sure that goes on a lot in Swansea) and Google> Wikipedia> References which is a popular technique with students but is kept hidden because of the overt discouragement of academics for Google and Wikipedia as valid academic research tools. I’ve personally never had a problem with either G or W in my own learning. Am I prejudiced against them in my students’ learning?

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Open Educational Resources (OER) – Paul’s E-Learning Resources

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OER Impact : JISC

“This study investigated the impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) use on teaching and learning. To achieve this, the project team reviewed current research in the area; surveyed, interviewed and ran workshops with suitable participants to collect data; and produced an accessible report on the study findings. The report considered the use of OER from both an individual and institutional perspective looking at the benefits OER can offer each and identifying the pedagogic, attitudinal, logistical and strategic factors conducive to uptake and sustained use of OER, as well as the associated issues and challenges.” Video, “accessible” report and full report available. Cited on Paul’s e-Learning Resources

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my bookmarks 12/09/2011

Interesting discussion on the Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL) group on LinkedIn (itself an interesting resource). You may need to be a LinkedIn member and join the HETL group to access the discussion.

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