Some unexpected consequences

An unexpected consequence of moving from my self-hosted WordPress blog to was that my embedded Storifys stopped working, I lost some images, and several mysterious links to twitter javascript had appeared. A few minutes with the documentation confirmed what I guessed to be true that (for good security reasons) doesn’t allow arbitrary embedded HTML and JavaScripts to be included in posts and pages delivered from the hosted service.

I did discover that there are good blogger-friendly shortcuts that allow bloggers to easily embed some types of media into their posts and pages. So it turned out that to change my embedded tweets, I simply had to replace the embed code from that I obtained from Twitter with the URL of the tweet on a line by itself. Like this for this one

There is no embed code though for Storify, so I had to replace the embedded stories from the last few months with plain old links.

I also had to find and re-upload a few images that had vanished.

I think this work is now complete, but do let me know if you find anything odd in the archives.

Another unexpected consequence of this need to update my pages is that some posts have been re-posted and announced again on my social media sites. I didn’t intend to spam you honest!

Author: cpjobling

Senior lecturer, College of Engineering, Swansea University

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