12 Apps of Christmas (#RUL12AoC #12AoC)

It’s the first of December and time to sign up for a 12 Apps of Christmas course.

img_1030 It’s the first of December and in the Learning Technology world this means the launch of multiple open courses promising to introduce busy academics to 12 Apps of Christmas.

I’m enrolled on the Regent’s University of London course which is being hosted on the Blackboard Open Courses platform.

I’m recommending 12 Apps of Christmas to my colleagues for two reasons. Firstly because it provides useful introductions to mobile apps that they can use with students. But perhaps as important, Blackboard Learn is Swansea University’s VLE so taking part will give my colleagues an insight into what it’s like to be a student on a Blackboard Learn course.

This year, the organizers are also encouraging us to use the Blackboard Student App. This makes the course more accessible – for example I hope to use the app to follow each day’s recommendation while on my daily commute. But in addition, exploring the features and limitations of the app will give valuable insight into what you can and cannot do well when presenting your Blackboard course content on a small mobile device.

More to Explore

To keep up to date with other courses in this space, follow hashtag #12AoC. Here are some similar courses that are also worth a look.

If you know of others, please add a link to the comments.

We’ve moved (again)

This blog was self-hosted on digital ocean until today. 

Unfortunately, issues with the database was preventing the blog appearing for some of my readers and I don’t have time at the moment to be a Sysadmin and trace the fault. Rebooting the server when I notice it’s down is not a solution either. So, I’ve forked out the £30 a year to have a site with a custom domain hosted on WordPress.com. 
And here it is.

Excuse us while we move all our content and sharing options over.

Events Coming Up

There are some interesting events coming up over the next two months.

  • In Swansea, the library team will again be running 7 Days of Twitter #SU7DoT. This time over the period 2nd-12th December. See the announcement and sign up here!.
  • The team at Regent’s University London will again be running 12 Apps of Christmas (#12AoC) starting on 1st December on the Blackboard Open Learning Platform. They won’t be alone!
  • The Association for Learning Technology will be running the third ALT Winter Conference (#altc) online from 6-8 December. Registration is free here.
  • The five-day Bring Your Own Device for Learning (#BYOD4L) on-line course returns in January. There will be a preview at the ALT Winter Conference.

And of course there’s #LTHEChat every Wednesday between 8 and 9 PM UK Local Time which teams up with #HEAChat on the last Wednesday of each month.

The Intelligent Campus

Today I had a short Twitter Conversation with James Clay which followed this tweet from JISC’s #codesign16 meeting:

I replied:

James has also blogged about this in I know Where You Are and is following up in this JISC blog post “What does the imminent arrival of the intelligent campus mean for you and your students.

What do you think?

James has published more of the discussion of the intelligent campus from #codesign16 in this storyfy.


#FLble2: Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice

I attended the first run of FutureLearn MOOC #FLble1 Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started last year. Because of other commitments, I couldn’t take part in the first run of the second part #FLble2 Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice but it looks like I have another chance in the re-run that starts 3 October.

Highly recommended!

If you missed it, the team leaders Diana Laurillard and Neil Morris gave a talk on the Blended Learning Essentials courses on Future Learn at the 2016 Alt Conference.

Giving up the Ghost


2016-09-18_1429-300x197Fresh and Crispy has been running as a self-hosted Ghost blog for a couple of years now but today I moved it back over to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

One of the main reasons for the move is that upgrading the Ghost software is a painfully slow manual process. Other reasons include my desire to try technologies like Mike Caulfield’s Wikity which needs a WordPress multi-site and the sheer convenience of being able to blog from the WordPress App.

To transfer my content, I had to use the Python script ghost2wp.py provided by tzangms to convert from Ghost’s JSON format to WordPress’s xmlrpc. But that went very smoothly.

The Ghost blog will stay active as ghost.cpjobling.me for a while: at least until I have transferred some of the tags over.