Balloon Blogging

Committed myself to contributing to Headstart and EESW (two summer schools that we run in the School of Engineering) … again! Subject of my bit this year will be Blogging (or more formally Using the Internet as a Research and Collaboration Tool. The idea is that I’ll give the students a potted introduction to the Internet, www, semantic web, rss, blogging etc and then get them to create group blogs focussed on high-performance ballooning (our Summer School topic). The beauty is that Blogger’s new features (including email submission of articles) provide a great way for the students to keep in touch with each other (and UWS of course) when they all disperse to their homes.

Also, as a side issue, I’m hoping that it’ll do a little bit to promote Blogging as a useful school activity.

Jam Tomorrow

Something to look into:

“JAM leverages the new import and target override features of Ant 1.6 to create a reusable, consistent Java build framework. JAM modules support JBoss, XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, Struts, Castor, Resin and MDA/UML code generation. Maven’s POM and repository features are supported via a Maven-to-Ant bridge.”


p>Thanks to New Build Tool: J2EE + Ant = JAM on theServerSide.

Using Velocity with Jython

I need to develop a web application to allow student upload of Java programs for testing. A Jython servlet with some form of template engine for presentation may be part of the solution (full framework J2EE application seems overkill!). I came across several interesting articles after a simple Google search for Velocity and Jython. This one is definitely worth another look later: Pythlet.