#LTHEChat 65 on Feedback with Phil Race

In last night’s #LTHEChat Phil Race (@RacePhil) led us on a reflection of the feedback we’ve received and given. Here are the questions and my answers:

I realise now that I didn’t answer this one!

All in all

The storify has already been published: #LTHEChat 65: Feedback and feed-forward: language and timing.

#HEAChat/#LTHEChat on Student Retention

This Wednesday’s #LTHEChat was the first of this new semester’s joint monthly get togethers with the Higher Education Academy (HEA). The topic was connection for student retention (or student resilience as Vincent Tinto prefers to call “retention” which he regards as an institutionally focused word). As usual there was a lot of useful sharing. Here’s the Storify:

#LTHEChat 62: using assessment and student engagement

Robert Dragan (@robert_dragan) and Dawn Alderson (@dawn_alderson) led a very lively tweet chat yesterday on Assessment and Student Engagement. Despite Twitter itself playing up, colleagues discussed the following six thought provoking questions and you can read the full record that was captured in Storify. Here is the TAGSExplorer visualisation.

Assessment is definately on my agenda at the moment, and I’ll need some time to reflect on my own thoughts on this topic. But themes that seemed to emerge from the chat was that assessments that engage students need to be be authentic, aligned to the learning outcomes, and negotiated with the students that we are assessing.

#LTHEchat continues to go from strength to strength and is my primary way of topping up my enthusiasm for teaching. Why not join me, next Wednesday at 8:00 pm BST?

#FLble2: Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice

I attended the first run of FutureLearn MOOC #FLble1 Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started last year. Because of other commitments, I couldn’t take part in the first run of the second part #FLble2 Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice but it looks like I have another chance in the re-run that starts 3 October.

Highly recommended!

If you missed it, the team leaders Diana Laurillard and Neil Morris gave a talk on the Blended Learning Essentials courses on Future Learn at the 2016 Alt Conference.

Giving up the Ghost

My Ghost Blog

Fresh and Crispy has been running as a self-hosted Ghost blog for a couple of years now but today I moved it back over to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

One of the main reasons for the move is that upgrading the Ghost software is a painfully slow manual process. Other reasons include my desire to try technologies like Mike Caulfield’s Wikity which needs a WordPress multi-site and the sheer convenience of being able to blog from the WordPress App.

To transfer my content, I had to use the Python script ghost2wp.py provided by tzangms to convert from Ghost’s JSON format to WordPress’s xmlrpc. But that went very smoothly.

The Ghost blog will stay active as ghost.cpjobling.me for a while: at least until I have transferred some of the tags over.

Golden Tweeter Award

I am humbled at being made the 5th recpient of the prestigious #LTHEChat Golden Tweeter Award for

[my] continuous commitment, valuable contributions and creative energy to the weekly LTHEchat as both a member of the community and as a volunteer member in two organising teams, from January to June 2016.

Golden Tweeter Award

My thanks to the LTHEChat community for this recognition!

Tweet Chatting – Readdress the VLE

On Friday I stumbled across #GuildChat which was discussing the Learning Management System (LMS) or what we in the UK call the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

As a long-time participant in Wednesday’s #LTHEchat (@LTHEchat) I expected the chat to be “storified”, but as it wasn’t, I’ve taken the liberty of making my own record. Here it is.


About #GuildChat and #LTHEchat

#GuildChat is a weekly Tweet Chat hosted by the eLearning Guild (@eLearningGuild)– a US membership organization that seems similar to the UK’s Association for Learning Technology (@A_L_T).

#GuildChat takes place every Friday at 2:00 pm EST (7:00 PM BST).

#LTHEchat takes place on Wednesdays (during term time) at 8:00 PM BST. More information is to be found at LTHE.com.

What’s a Tweet Chat?

Tweet chats are an excellent way to build a professional network and to engage in “bitesize” Continuing Professional Development (CPD). For more information on the benefits of and how to participate in a tweet chat, I recommend Introducing Tweet Chats by #LTHEchat co-founder and colleague Sue Beckingham (@suebecks).

I’ve been invited to join the LTHEchat team

My first job will be to create the Storify for LTHEchat 45 (the first bilingual LTHEchat) which has guest facilitator Julie Tardy (@jtardy81). It takes place at 8:00 pm GMT on Wednesday 10th February. Looking forward to it.

If you want to join me, these instructions may be helpful.